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 Optimization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences


Welcome to the official website of the 50th Annual Conference of the Italian Operations Research Society.

The International Conference on Optimization and Decision Science is organized by AIRO, Italian Operations Research Society and DSS - Dept. of Statistical Sciences (Sapienza University of Rome).

The conference will be held on September 8-11, 2020, at Sapienza University Campus.

Important News

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

we have been waiting until now with the hope of having still a chance to proceed with the ODS International Conference as planned, but unfortunately, it is not the case, and, having consulted the board of AIRO, we must cancel this edition of ODS2020.

The ODS conference is shifted to 2021, exact dates will be announced later. Registrations made are valid for the next year.

Thanks for your collaboration

The Organizing Committee