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Themes & Scope

ODS 2019 aims at being an opportunity for researchers and practitioners from various sectors (applied mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics), private and public companies, industries and policy makers, to present and share ideas, experiences and knowledge, as well as to creating a point of contact among them.

The conference theme is open in the wide field of optimization, problem solving and decision making methods and their application in industrial and territorial systems. However, a special focus is on Optimization and Decision Science for Logistics and Multimodal Transportation. The topics that may be addressed by the works submitted to the conference are reported below; however, the list is not exhaustive and authors should not feel limited by them.

All researchers, academics, practitioners and students working on the conference themes are invited to participate to ODS 2019 submitting a short paper or an abstract, and organizing sessions. There is the opportunity to be sponsor or exhibitor of the conference. Interested researchers can contact the conference secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



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Plenary Lectures


Three plenary lectures will be given by the following invited speakes:


Round Table

Wednesday, September 4th at 6:30 p.m., at Palazzo S. Giorgio, seat of the port authority of Genova, Round Table on:

Resilience and Management of Emergencies in Logistic Networks

The Round Table will also be an opportunity to present some of the results of the working group set up by the University of Genova following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genova on 14 August 2018.

The Round Table will be moderated by Francesco Margiocco, journalist of "Il Secolo XIX", and the invited speakers are:

  • Paolo Signorini, President of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority
  • Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genova
  • Yuval Hadas, Bar-Ilan University, IL
  • Michele Piana, University of Genova
  • Emanuele Strano, MindEarth, Biel, CH.

This will be followed by a debate with the audience.




 Operations Research towards Technology Transfer:

from Data to Actionable Knowledge

September 5th, 2019

Operations Research (OR) analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions. 

The goal of this workshop is to bring together companies and researchers from academia to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise, promote collaborations and outline the forthcoming landscape for OR driven innovation.

Practitioners and transfer facilitators in OR and Analytics, from academia, OR start-up/spin-off and intermediary organizations, are invited to present their experiences in exploiting the synergy of OR with data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable more effective business decisions and more productive systems.

Registration Fee: 190 Euro (it includes the AIRO annual subscription fee)

More info at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Teaching OR: Comparing the Contents of the OR Courses in Italian Universities

September 5th, 2019

The workshop will present traditional and new forms of teaching OR: projects and results. 




Selection of Papers

The ODS 2019 Scientific Committee will select the papers to be presented at the conference.

Currently confirmed invited sessions

The conference is organized into plenary and parallel sessions. The conference languages are Italian and English. Each speaker can give only one talk. We already encourage prospective session chairs to submit us proposals for sessions they could be willing to organize. The current list of proposed sessions here follows (researchers who want to propose a presentation for one of these sessions must quote the session code in the submission form).


 Session Title Organizer Code Description

Data Analytics and Optimization

Antonio Candelieri

Enza Messina


The increasing complexity, size, and variety of today’s Data Analytics solutions presents new challenges for Mathematical Programming and Optimization, calling for both new development and enriched resurgence of Operations Research methods.

Optimization models and algorithms can improve the data-driven decision models by either formulating the pattern discovery and knowledge extraction problems or defining efficient algorithms for enabling Machine Learning at a massive scale.

This session aims at presenting contributions showing the interplay between these two research areas in both directions.
Equilibrium problems, variational models, and applications Mauro Passacantando  EQ-VM-A The session aims at presenting the state-of-the-art and recent advances on equilibrium problems, variational and quasi-variational inequalities, complementarity problems, (generalized) Nash equilibrium problems, Stackelberg games, multi-leader-follower games, and their real-world applications. We would like to bring together scholars working on both theoretical and computational issues, present results having the potential of solving concrete problems, and thus try to fill the gap between theory and practice.
Health care management and planning

Paola Cappanera

Elena Tànfani

HC-MP The session aims at bring together researchers with a common interest in healthcare area to share the latest theoretical advances with other researchers in the field. Contributions focusing on real-life applications are also particularly welcome. Topics may cover a wide spectrum of real problems which are challenging for both researchers and practitioners: hospital logistics, operating theatres management, appointment and multi-appointment scheduling, home care services, modelling, simulation, process mining and data mining in patient care and healthcare organizations.
Financial Modeling Pierpaolo Uberti F-PRM-1 This session is dedicated to recent developments in finacial modeling and risk management with special attention on both theoretical results and empirical findings on real data. The main topics of the session are: Portfolio Theory, Risk Modeling, Derivatives, Financial Markets.
Game Theory Lucia Pusillo GT Game Theory studies strategic interactions among two or more agents, which have to take decisions in order to optimize their objectives. Game Theory has various links to disciplines such as Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, Political and Social Sciences, Biology, and Medicine. These links provide incentives for interdisciplinary researches and make the role of Game Theory usefull in many applications.
New last-mile transportation paradigms under clever resource usage and prominent technologies

Francesca Guerriero

Luigi Di Puglia Pugliese

Giusy Macrina

L-OIT-2 The delivery and pick up processes in urban area represent some of the most challenge problems in transportation and logistics management. The main challenges are to provide efficient and effectiveness transportation system in such a way to ensure the best trade-off between cost minimization and negative environmental externalities reduction. The congestion is one of the most relevant drawback when the delivery and pick up process takes place in an urban area. Nowadays, the effort is to migrate from classical transportation systems to more sustainable paradigms by making use of a clever resource usage and getting advantages from prominent technologies like drones. The novel transportation paradigms and the new operative issues need to be properly addressed and studied with the aim of getting the highest advantages in term of both environmental and economic sustainability.
Nonlinear Optimization and Applications Massimo Roma NL-OA-1 The session aims at reviewing and discuss recent advances and promising research trends in Nonlinear Optimization and to provide a forum for fruitful interactions in strictly related fields of research. Topics include constrained and unconstrained nonlinear optimization, global optimization, mixed integer nonlinear programming, derivative-free methods, nonsmooth optimization, nonlinear complementarity problems, variational inequalities, equilibrium problems, bilevel optimization, neural networks and support vector machines training, applications of nonlinear optimization.

Operation Research support to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing 

Massimo Paolucci

Giovanni Righini

COR-I4-1 This session aims at sharing experiences on how the OR methodologies have been used to support the solution of complex problems in Smart Manufacturing, as well as presenting new possible challenges for OR emerging from the diffusion of the paradigm of Industry 4.0
Optimization in telecommunications networks and queueing systems Franco Davoli Mario Marchese  TC-OP-NET By their nature, telecommunication problems involve two or more parties, and in quite a few cases they can be seen in the framework of distributed decision theory, either in terms of game or team theoretic description. When, beyond the physical communication, networking is involved, models that further describe system dynamics can often be expressed in terms of queueing theory. In this case, network management and control problems arise in different contexts and fashions, ranging from parametric optimisation of performance indicators based on stationary queueing models to dynamic control of fluid models representing information flows. The session aims to provide a snapshot of different approaches that highlight the relevance of modelling, control and optimisation methods in telecommunications.
Optimization in eco-sustainable transportation

Maurizio Bruglieri

Ornella Pisacane

L-OET-1 The session aims at presenting OR methodologies to solve optimization problems arising for instance in routing Green (e.g., electric) Vehicles and in efficiently managing Vehicle Sharing Services (e.g., Car-sharing, Bike-sharing) and Carpooling.
Optimization in Machine Learning Marcello Sanguineti ML-OPT Since the very beginning, there has been a fruitful exchange between machine learning and optimization. While machine learning exploits optimization models and algorithms, it simultaneously poses problems which often constitute optimization challenges. This section aims at presenting methodologies to solve optimization problems that arise from  machine learning and emphasize aspects at the confluence of these two disciplines.
Optimization in Public Transport (AIRO-OPTSM chapter)

Valentina Cacchiani

Andrea D'Ariano

T-PT-O-1 This session is dedicated to recent developments in Public Transport optimization, with focus on new challenges arising in real-life applications, such as real-time rescheduling, train energy optimization, robust scheduling.

 Optimization for Sustainable

Energy Systems

Michela Robba

Giulio Ferro

EN-SC-1  The increased use of renewable energy, the emergence of distributed generation and storage systems, and the development of electrical mobility necessitate new decision and control schemes for planning and management of the energy resources and the related transportation and electrical networks. The proposed session has the objective of collecting contributions related to optimization and control methods for the planning and management of energy systems that include renewable energy, storage systems, distributed generation, buildings with demand response capabilities, microgrids, electric vehicles, etc. The application and testing of the proposed approaches to real case studies and research infrastructures are encouraged. 
OR for Drones Applications Claudio Sterle T-L-DA-1 In recent years the usage of drone technology in different public and private sectors, such as logistics and transportation, surveillance and disaster management, is significantly increasing and new decision problems and computational challenges, worth to be investigated, are arising. In this context, a significant number of OR contributions appeared in literature. The session "OR for Drones Applications" aims at presenting ideas and experiences, sharing knowledge and creating a point of contact among researchers and practitioners working on this topic.
Rail Port Operations Daniela Ambrosino L-ML-RT-1 This session aims at presenting how optimization methods can be used for supporting decision makers in efficient managing different activities related  to rail maritime terminal operations.
Smart Port Terminal Operations Anna Sciomachen L-ML-SP-1 In this session innovative and smart methodologies able to provide a concrete support to the port logistics operators for the management of the intermodal activities are discussed. Applications areas involve seaside, internal transport, gate operations and hinterland forwarding  decision problems. this session hosts, but is not limited to, the results of the Prin 2015 SPORT project.

Sochastic Programming:

Optimization under Uncertainty and Applications

Francesca Maggioni SP-OU-1 Uncertainty is pervasive in everyday life and very often decisions should be taken without having full information about the main parameters involved in the decision process. 
In these situations, the adoption of modelling frameworks explicitly accounting for uncertainty becomes a priority in order to determine managerial solutions of true utility in real settings.
The purpose of the two sessions is to show recent advances on models and methods for dealing with optimization problems under uncertainty.

Sochastic Programming:

Applications of Stochastic Programming

Patrizia Beraldi

Francesca Maggioni

Maria Elena Bruni


Teaching OR

Paola Cappanera


Presenting traditional and new forms of teaching OR: projects and results.  

Transportation Networks Performance and Reliability Giorgio Gnecco T-PR Transportation networks should provide efficient and uninterrupted physical movement of people and freight from place to place. This section is devoted to network reliability assessment, as well as identification of vulnerability and design of resilient transportation networks. It aims at presenting  novel approaches and methodologies that investigate and assess network performance, in terms, e.g, of  contributions of nodes and/or arcs to the overall network reliability and connectivity. 
(AIRO)Young reserchers in Machine Learning and Operations Researh

Lavinia Amorosi

Martina Fischetti

AY-MLOR-1 Young researchers present their projects and research in the context of OR and/or ML.



Social events

The social events currently planned during the ODS 2019 are the following: